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Tools, services and support for educational institutions

4P DIH helps educational institutions and organizations that strengthen young talents to participate in an increasingly digitalized world that requires new knowledge, as current processes in our environment emphasize the importance of understanding the concepts on which digital technologies are based and their use.


Remote productivity

During the covid-19 epidemic, self-isolation and physical distance maintenance were introduced, among other things. Where technology has made this possible, various organizations have started working and teaching from home. During this time, we have therefore prepared a list of simple and accessible tools from various fields that help in coordinating work and effective cooperation.

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Digital maturity of Slovenian schools

Between July and September 2020, 4PDIH conducted a survey on the digital maturity of Slovenian schools, which encompassed 111 primary and secondary schools. A digitally mature school, as it is understood in 4PDIH, encourages teachers to use technology to improve their teaching and to formally enable them to do so. Teachers in such a school continuously develop their own digital skills and at the same time encourage students to use ICT and digital tools in their independent learning and development of crucial skills.

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