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Inclusive and successful digital transformation


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Digital Innovation Hub

Welcome to 4PDIH. Together we will move the boundaries of the known and possible. We will change what it means to act local today. In the community and the economy, we will innovate through the latest technologies and approaches. We’re acting today for a better tomorrow.

Tools and services

The 4P DIH supports 4 important verticals and enables the digital transformation of Slovenian society and economy.


Opportunities for digital transformation: knowledge, processes, people and technology.


For smart and digital teaching and lifelong learning.

Open tools and measures

Public administration

We advise and help improving public services.


Empowering and connecting smart communities for faster development.

Open tools and measures

Partners and network

Join the 4PDIH ecosystem, involving partners from industry, research and educational institutions, the environment to businesses support agencies and municipalities, and others.